What is Frank?

Frank is our solution to commerical electricity. Frank lets you know how much your fixed electric contract is saving you, when your contract is due, and whether or not you have any cancellation fees due. It's the only platform that can deliver insights on your usage and billing. Frank also offers you ways to sell back electricity back to the grid that you're not using to save even more. Click here to check out the company.

Frank's home screen

First Thoughts On The Project

When I first got assigned to creating this project for Lee Washington, I was excited. I was excited to finally work with React Native because I had played around with it before, and I really wanted to put all my time into creating a prototype mobile application for iOS and Android. I knew nothing about electricity or contracts prior to working on this but I learned so much about it the more work I did. I even had my first "deadlines" as a software developer, which made it more meaningful.

Frank's contract and bill screen


I ended up having to overcome many obstacles while working on this project. Usually the obstacles that I had to overcome were things like bad documentation or not enough information on a bug. Part of the time, it was me trying to understand a bad implementation of a wireframe I had received that wasn't user friendly. I also had to do a lot of logical thinking for the chat support screen. The chat support screen was supposed to be a short showcase on how it would be used. I had to think of a way to create an AI that responds to users and their questions about Frank. Interestingly enough, the hardest part for me was figuring out how to get a chart to appear on the screen. I looked for a package that would make a chart if it's given data and the best thing I ended up finding was a package called "victory-native". After trying to understand the documentation and going through tricky manual installations, I found a forum of people who use victory-native. That was the hardest part.

Frank's usage and amount saved or spent by the month.

Chat Support Screen

The chat support screen was one of my favorite screens I did for this project. I really enjoyed thinking through the logic and making it seem like an actual person was on the other end of the screen instead of an AI. We made a persona named Sandra, and Sandra became our AI. I was amazed by how much I had grown and how I was now able to figure out how to implement functions that were simple and straight to the point.

The Chat Support Screen in Frank The Chat Support Screen in Frank The Chat Support Screen in Frank