Natasha Robarge

Software Developer


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Main Skills

React Native




I am the protagonist of a video game who is passionate and determined. I am a programmer who aspires to learn more about the field and how I can contribute in a meaningful way and help others. As a humanitarian, I want to help society and I will do that through coding; whether that means creating an informative website to teach people about different topics or by developing a video game for people to play after a hard day. If it can help someone somehow, I'm in.

Other Skills




No SQL / SQL Databases

More About Me

Throughout high school I had a plan and I was going to stick to it. My plan was to go to Hack Reactor, becoming a coding bootcamp student, get a job, and then go to college for a computer science major part-time while working full-time. I ended up failing my first technical interview with Hack Reactor, so I ended up taking their Web Development prep course that they claimed would help with the technical interview. I took that course in April of 2017, while going to school during the day since it was a month before I would graduate. I didn't feel prepared after the course, but I still took the technical interview and I took another one of their prep courses that was new. This one was their "Structured Study Program". After the course, I did another technical interview. I failed again. I retook that course, and when I finished the course and went in for another technical interview, I wasn't surprised when I was told for the fourth time that I had failed. I didn't want to give up on being a developer. I didn't care that I failed because I wanted to go on with the plan I had mapped out when I was 16. I went to another coding bootcamp to see the atmosphere and whether or not I liked it. They didn't even give me an interview- they just told me I was too young to be in a coding bootcamp. I had hope that I would find a place that would accept me. That hope lead me to General Assembly, where I started my career as a software developer. It was the best thing that I never want to do again until 10 or 20 years from now because technology is constantly changing and I want to keep learning as much as I can. I have resiliance. I have determination. I have hope. Most importantly, I'm self-disciplined and I will be the best person I can be in life no matter how many times I fail.

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